The 3 Tier Shelter
The 3 Tier ShelterThe 3 Tier ShelterThe 3 Tier ShelterThe 3 Tier ShelterThe 3 Tier Shelter

Patented telescoping bed shelter seen on ABC's SharkTank

 • Don't go outside in the storm or risk slipping down steep stairs, choose a shelter that keeps you safe inside your clean, climate controlled home.  

• King size rated for 9 occupants

 Queen size rated for 7 occupants

• Wheelchair, or mobility scooter accessible.

FEMA320/ICC500 tested and rated for EF5 Tornado

• Quick and easy access within one minute. Install in a spare bedroom so you can have the shelter raised and ready with your tornado kit and clothes inside. Don't let the storms keep you up, rest easy knowing your shelter is just steps away. 

• Standard lighting, 110V power, USB charging outlets keep your electronics charged and lights on even if the power is out. 

• Attach your own headboard and footboard to match the room’s aesthetic design.

• *Optional door lock turns your shelter into secure locked vault in bed position.



Exterior dimensions

King 76"x 80"

Queen 60"x 80"

Bed height 19"        Raised Shelter Height 57"


Financing Available!