Oklahoma City Storm Shelters

Oklahoma City Storm Shelters

If you live anywhere near Oklahoma City, OK, you have probably heard about the Vortex Vaults Shelter Bed by Lift Lift Systems. Our own Oklahoma boys, Levi Wilson and Tim Todd, from the Oklahoma City area presented it to the ABC Shark Tank. Mark Cuban, who is from Texas and also realizes the great need for FEMA approved Storm Shelters, invested in this innovative Shelter Bed that is installed in your own bedroom hidden under your own twin, full, queen or king-sized bed until it is needed to protect from danger due to tornadoes, straight winds, earthquakes and home invasions.

Life Lift is quickly going nation-wide but we began and are headquartered right here in Oklahoma City. Levi designed this highly accessible bed to protect his own Oklahoma family. Life Lift is dedicated to protecting all Oklahoma and our nation’s families with a whole line of Safe Rooms and Storm Shelters which can protect from multiple threats. 

The Life Lift Shelter Bed is available in three options, but we also carry an entire line of Life Shields. These above-ground safe rooms, tested to FEMA standards, are available in a lot of sizes. You can install one of these inside or outside your private home anywhere in the greater metro Oklahoma City area, or for that matter, the entire state. We also have Life Shield Safe Rooms in sizes to protect those in small or large schools, apartments, churches and businesses. 

Life Lift partners with Mark Cuban and with Aaron Tuttle, Oklahoma’s premier online meteorologist. We all believe in keeping up with the latest research, design and engineering of Tornado Shelters which will meet or exceed all FEMA protocols as well as the most up-to-date knowledge of severe weather in order to save more Oklahoma lives and those across the nation.

If you live in Oklahoma and are ready to get serious about providing protection against tornadoes, straight winds, earthquakes and home invasions for your family, large or small school, business or church, contact us. In Oklahoma, when you contact Life Lift, you are working with the founders/owners. Let’s work together to install safe, fast and accessible protection for those you are responsible for.

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Available Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms Oklahoma City

Telescoping Storm Shelter Beds

Slope Top Storm Shelter Beds

Platform Storm Shelter Beds

Life Shield Safe Rooms

These are the storm shelters we are currently offering in Oklahoma. The Storm Shelter Bed is available throughout the United States through a dealer network. Please contact us if you have any questions.