What happens if the power goes out?  

The Vortex Vaults Shelter Beds are on battery backup. This means that even if power is knocked out by a storm, the bed continues to lower and raise off of battery power. 

What happens if the battery is dead?  

The Vortex Vaults Shelter Beds can raise and lower directly from the 110V AC outlet in the wall. This means that even if the backup battery is dead, the bed continues to lower and raise off of battery power. 

How does the bed lower and raise?  

The Vortex Vault is powered by 4 motors via remote control. It takes approximately 60 seconds to raise or lower the bed. We also offer unique custom options to meet your needs.

What sizes are available?  

The Vortex Vaults Shelter beds come in two styles. The 57” height is tall enough to sit comfortably in a chair, it comes in full, queen and king sizes. The 38” height is tall enough to sit comfortably on the floor with a bean bag or similar style chair, it comes in full, queen, and king. The bigger the bed size, the more available space inside the vault to fit more people.

Won’t the bed just be blown away?  

No chance of this happening. The bed is mounted to the concrete slab in a home via FEMA guidelines. There is no report ever recorded of a tornado ripping the foundation from the ground. 

 Who installs the shelter beds?  

The shelter beds will be installed by our company or a certified dealer in your area. It takes a 3 man crew 4 hours to do the installation. Because the beds are being installed in the home, there will be few delays due to weather.

Can the shelter be accessed when the bed is in the down position?  

Absolutely! You will have roughly 19 inches of space under the bed to quickly access if needed. With our optional safe lock you will have the ability to securely store valuable items such as documents, guns, money or any other valuable contents that you desire.  

 Is the Vortex Vaults Shelter Bed wheelchair accessible?  

Our storm shelter is the perfect solution for wheelchair and scooter users as well as those with limited mobility to access stairs that are typically an obstacle for in ground shelters. The shelter height is 57″ inches when fully deployed allowing wheelchair users to easily roll right into the shelter. 

How about a head board and foot board?  

The shelter bed allows for installation of many styles of head and foot boards that you can purchase at any furniture store. Once mounted to the bed, your friends and family will not even notice you have a bunker in your room! Also, all you need is the mattress. No need for box springs. 

Isn’t the only way to survive an EF5 tornado is to be underground?  

Many people have said that the safest place to survive an EF5 tornado is to be underground. This is not true! There has never been a report of an injury or death from people taking cover in above ground shelters tested and certified by the Texas Tech Wind Institute. In many ways, an above ground shelter is a much better choice. Check out this article: