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  • Vortex Vaults Project Station v Competitor Workbench Shelter

    The latest innovation by Vortex Vaults is going to change the way people perceive storm shelters.  Known for making functional shelters, and utilizing their patented telescoping technology, the Vortex Vaults Project Station™ is a shelter "you will want to use, rather than a shelter you hope you'll never need." It's really difficult to even make a comparison because the competition pales in comparison.
  • 3 Tier Model v Above Ground Shelters

    If you're looking for a large shelter to keep your family comfortable, and safe during severe weather, the Vortex Vaults 3 Tier model is a no brainer.  Installed inside the home, it makes it quick and easy to access your shelter (as well as, being handicap accessible). Best of all, when weather doesn't pose a threat, keep it lowered as the foundation for your bed, and don't waste valuable square footage in your home or garage.
  • SLOPE TOP v Underground

    The Vortex Vaults Slope Top model shelter advantages are compared to underground shelters.  The Slope Top is a clear winner for access and comfort.  However, it is limited in space, and may cost slightly more than the most basic underground shelter.  Check out the features table to for side-by-side features comparison.