Official Launch of Storm Shelter Bed and a Visit by Aaron Tuttle at the Home and Garden Show in OKC

First Look at the Tornado Shelter Bed 


Come get the first official view of Life Lift Systems’ innovative Storm Shelter Bed at the Oklahoma City Home & Garden Show on January 18-20 at the Oklahoma State Fair Park. You may have seen or heard about this incredible storm shelter that offers incredible levels of safety above ground in your home without sacrificing space. The Vortex Vault Shelter Bed has been certified by the Texas Tech Wind Institute with an EF5 rating. Come see this first-of-its-kind tornado shelter with your own eyes at the OKC Home & Garden Show.

Meet Aaron Tuttle in Person 


Not only has this highly innovative tornado shelter been featured on Oklahoma news, but it is getting rave reviews from meteorologists, including Aaron Tuttle, the “Internet Meteorologist” from Oklahoma with more than 119,000 followers on Facebook. Come meet Aaron Tuttle in person and learn more about this new tornado shelter design. Faithful followers rely on ATs Weather To Go App, the premier free weather app in the country. Aaron will be at our booth Saturday, January 19 at 1PM.  


Indoor Tornado Shelter that can Withstand EF5 Tornados 


Aaron Tuttle knows tornados and bad storms. He also believes in Life Lift’s new innovative Vortex Vault Tornado Bed. The shelter is compressed and hiding beneath your bed until needed. The touch of a button makes it rise so you can get into the shelter that can withstand F5 tornados. You don’t have to leave your bedroom. Aaron Tuttle knows this shelter will save lives with its easy access for the mobility-challenged, elderly, families with young children and anyone else. 

Discount Oklahoma City Home & Garden Tickets


Come see the Storm Shelter Bed for yourself at the Oklahoma City Home & Garden Show Jan. 18-20. Get your discounted tickets to the show using the promo code: LIFELIFT or by clicking the button below. We will be in Booth 1045 at the Centennial Building. Come visit Aaron Tuttle at our booth on Saturday, Jan 19 at 1PM.