Alabama Storm Shelter Tax Credit | Vortex Vaults

Alabama House Bill 227, effective January 1, 2022, offers $3,000 tax credit for home owners who purchase and install an EF5 safe storm shelter in their home.

State payout is capped at $2 million per year through the 2025 tax year. The bill offers $3,000 or 50% of purchase and installation costs, whichever is less. For more exact details on how this can affect your taxes you can read the bill here: 

Do I have to own the home to receive the tax credit?

Yes, the credit can only be received by the homeowner. The shelter must be purchased for and installed in your primary residence.

Which storm shelters are covered?

The House Bill covers all FEMA and EF5 safe storm shelters. The style of shelter and manufacturer are not specified, so do your research on what best fits you and your family’s needs. Our shelters are installed inside your home and secured to the concrete foundation, so all FEMA requirements are met and you don’t have to step outside or climb any stairs to access the shelter during a storm. 

What if I miss out on this year’s allocated funds?

You will be notified by the Alabama Emergency Management Agency and you will still be able to apply in the next year to receive the full credit. Purchasing earlier in the year does of course give you a better chance of receiving the credit in the same year and not having an extended wait time.

How do I apply?

After purchasing and having the applicable storm shelter installed you will file an annual informational report to the Alabama Emergency Management Agency. This includes proof of purchase and installation along with proof that the shelter meets all FEMA requirements. If you choose a Vortex Shelter we will help you with the report and send it off for you!

Vortex Vaults has been in contact with the Alabama Emergency Management Agency and all of our shelters are eligible for the tax credit.  The shelters must be installed on the applicants property. 

Vortex Vaults Storm Shelters are FEMA approved & rated for EF-5 tornadoes. Don’t wait, as the money will run out quick!  Contact us today to reserve your shelter!

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