Introducing the all new Vortex Vaults


The Vortex Vaults Advantage

  • Built to FEMA 320/361 & ICC 500 standards to withstand an EF5 Tornado
  • Patented telescoping technology allows space saving designs creating products that are useful year round
  • All shelters operate from 110V outlet with battery backup system in case of power outage 
  • Standard lighting, 110V power and USB ports keep your electronics charged and lights on even if the power is out
  • Securely anchored to your concrete slab with 5/8” diameter concrete anchors

Where safety & function are not sold separately!

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Vortex Vaults Project Station

Choose a shelter you plan to use, rather than a shelter you hope you'll never need. Choose Vortex Vaults.


    • Install your Project Station in any garage, shed, barn, office, or room with a concrete slab.
    • Configure your Project Station into a workbench, desk, entertainment console, or bar
    • Raises to 6'-1" inside, rated for 5 person occupancy
    • Length: 72"   Depth: 38"


    • Use the Tool Adapter cut outs for when a 3rd hand is a necessity. Standard and metric wrenches up to 1-1/4", square and hex drive slots to hold any socket or tool, nail puller, bottle opener
    • Built in 110V outlets can power tools, lights, monitors, or other devices.
    • Deadbolt Locking door keeps your valuables safe and protected while the shelter is lowered

Vortex Vaults 3 Tier Shelter Beds

The Ultimate Security Blanket

  • Featured on ABC's SharkTank

    We're the only shelter company with patented telescoping technology to create multi-purpose storm shelters.


    Vortex Vault's most well known product, the 3 Tier Model Shelter is a 19" platform bed that telescopes to 57" to provide a shelter that accommodates up to 7 individuals.

    Spare bedroom is a great alternative to the Master Bedroom, Quick easy access for the long stormy nights. Have the shelter raised and ready with your tornado kit and clothes inside. Stay comfortable in your pajamas knowing you have the ultimate protection in your Vortex Vault 


    • Wheelchair accessible
    • Full Queen and King Sizes available

Vortex Vaults Slope Top Shelter Beds


    • The slope design allows for comfortable upright sitting. Rated for up to 4 person occupancy.
    • Add the optional door lock to turn the shelter into a safe
    • Tilt the bed up to watch TV or to help with acid reflux or other medical issues


    Offered as an economical option, the Slope Top starts at $3500. Crawl inside to discover comfortable space to sit upright.


Don't get left out in the storm

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Peak season for storm shelter installs occurs February-June. Please consider ordering fall/winter 2020 to ensure installation before storm season 2021.

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